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Marijuana is the dark flower at the center of many contradictions. It is a $52 billion dollar industry that provides immense opportunity for entrepreneurs, but has also crushed the lives of those with cannabis convictions. DARK FLOWER delves into the controversies of California’s newly legal cannabis industry by following the stories of start-up entrepreneurs and social equity applicants.

The film follows Anthony, Kika, Constidius (Social Equity applicants) and Tony and Brian, (Start-up entrepreneurs), intercutting between their storylines. Financially they are worlds apart, but we see very soon how Anthony and Tony’s worlds intersect. They begin to work collaboratively and their journeys come to a climax as the pot boom turns to bust and the social equity program implodes.

Production Photos
Dark Flower Cover.jpg
Social Equity Application.png
Social Equity Hug.png
Stiiizy Store.png
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