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Canadian Ambassador to Germany Stéphane Dion remarks on My Enemy, My Brother

At a powerful screening and discussion about integration and inclusion of refugees in an immigrant society titled: We are neighbours, Ambassador to Germany Stéphane Dion included My Enemy, My Brother in his remarks:

“… the question that My Enemy, My Brother inspires to me to think about is the following: Is it possible, in the midst of extreme sadness, in face of the absolute horror, in the storm of war, to find a piece of blue sky, a ray of hope, trust in human kind?

Surely, we see these manifestations of hope in the courageous and heroic acts done by resisters and dissidents. One may find examples of these heroes in reading, for instance, Randall Hasen’s book, “Disobeying Hitler”, or in visiting, or revisiting, here in Berlin, as I did this past Saturday, the German Resistance Memorial Centre. 

What you will find in this museum is the same idea that we have seen so profoundly expressed in the film: there are many paths to resisting to the inhumanity of war.”

— Ambassador Stéphane Dion

My Enemy, My Brother will have another European screening on December 8th in The Hague, Netherlands at Humanity House, hosted by The Canadian Embassy to the Netherlands, International Queer & Migrant Film Festival and Think-Film Impact Production.



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