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Smart Drugs: Hot Off the Press

We’ve been having lots of fun keeping up with news outlets as our newest documentary, Smart Drugs, launched on CBC’s Documentary Channel May 12!

The biohacking feature film has been making the rounds in the media, and we’re pumped about the discussion it’s generating. People are pondering the use of smart drugs, their risks and their benefits. Some people are straight up not into it and want to start an anti-biohacking movement.

And we love hearing about it. Keep those wheels spinning—it’s good for you.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few media feature highlights that we’re particularly stoked on. Check them out:

National Post and Toronto’s City News (among others) featured an awesome article by Camille Bains. The piece is complete with a close-up feature photo of our film lead Nik Badminton loo

king a little scary in an elaborate strappy headset. What more could you want? Diving into the article, Bains opens a high-quality discussion

on multiple aspects of the biohacking movement. She lays out perspectives on the quality of its scientific backing, its effect on creativity and the potential future of the movement. If you’re looking for a birds-eye view on the overall themes of Smart Drugs, this article is for you!

“What does it say about our society when we feel we need to take drugs to get ahead in life?” One of the key questions asked by our gals at She Does The City, and one of our director Ann Shin’s favourite provocative aspects of the film. If you’re looking for the filmmaker’s perspective on the biohacking trend, this deep-dive interview is sure to satisfy.

BC Local News pitched in that our film “delves into the brain game” and they’re totally right! Asking if these cognitive enhancement drugs actually work is a big part of our exploration in this documentary. However, the answer is mostly left up to the readers of this article after being presented with a few differing and thought-provoking angles. If you want some food for thought to really consider your position on the biohacking movement, check out this one!


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