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Ann Shin Demystifies Forum Pitching

In an interview with ReelWorld Film Festival, director/producer Ann Shin talks about the experience she had pitching The Defector: Escape from North Korea at the Hot Docs Forum, and gives some advice for those getting ready to pitch.

“It was completely nerve wracking,” said Shin. “There are more than 20 people listening to your pitch and the responses of the first two people can affect how the rest of the people respond.  The mood can change and you have no idea which way it’s going to go.”

“You should have a good amount of footage ready to show people. You want the broadcasters to fall in love with your characters and your film idea. And if you’re too early on, they’ll say, ‘It’s interesting, keep in touch.’ But at the same time, it gets your project noticed because you are in the forum and everyone checks out what’s in the forum.”

For the full article, visit the ReelWorld Film Festival’s website here.


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