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Fathom Distribution featured in The Hollywood Reporter

“Now Fathom Distribution can help independent projects get off the ground by triggering CMF financing as well,” says Hannah Donegan, Head of Production at Fathom, referring to the recent changes to CMF guidelines which now accept distribution advances as trigger financing for CMF funding.

Fathom Distribution works to help secure licenses, pre-sales for projects, as well as market projects that are completed abroad.

Most recently, Fathom Distribution closed a round of presale orders for its feature documentary The New Black Gold which this past weekend won the Green Pitch Award at Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival. The project is in development with CBC’s

documentary channel and have orders in with ARTE/ZDF in Germany, NRK in Norway, and Canal D in Canada.

Ann Shin Hannah Donegan

Executive Producer, Fathom Head of Production, Fathom

Fathom Distribution is active in global territories including the UK, United States, Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel and the Middle East, Korea, and China.

“It was a natural decision to open up Fathom Distribution as we develop relations with our target platforms as well as audience communities for all our projects. That’s been our approach as we develop impact campaigns and rollout strategies for each project we undertake,” says Ann Shin, Executive Producer of Fathom.


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