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Fathom Film Group is Hiring – Creative Director/New Media Producer

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FATHOM FILM GROUP is an award-winning media company with innovative approaches to cross-platform projects that tell the story across a broad spectrum of media. Our films and series are critical and thought-provoking, with related properties such as immersive interactive websites, apps and other digital and mobile applications. Our work has been broadcast, screened and downloaded around the world, garnering numerous awards at festivals.

We are looking for a Creative Director/New Media Strategist with proven experience in conceiving, strategizing and creating digital projects whether they be apps, commercial spots, or cross-platform projects related to film and e-books.

The strategist will be responsible for the ideation and creation of innovative projects for web, mobile, social media, and other emerging digital media to develop a compelling experience that connects with audiences. Understandably, this role would greatly benefit from a strong background in marketing and agency work as well as familiarity with film production, and interactive media development – especially the complexities of creating and coordinating a unified piece of work across these multiple streams.

We think you would be perfect for us if you:

– are passionate and dedicated – a rock star at creative thought leadership and strategy – are a rock star at creative thought leadership and strategy – particularly marketing to millennials – are in tune with new media and technology trends – you live and breathe it – have a demonstrated understanding of media production, working directly with motion graphics artists, DoPs, directors etc. – have experience managing production processes on time and on budget – and don’t sweat juggling multiple projects

Required qualifications

– BFA or a degree in a related field – ideally at least 2 years experience in leading clients and internal teams through the creative process from inception through final project delivery

If most of the above is true for you, then we want to hear from you!

Please respond with resumes, reels/URL links and at least 1 reference to:


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