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Fathom Wins The Planet In Focus Green Pitch Award!

Updated: May 11, 2021

The Future is Sh*t!

Hannah Donegan at the Planet In Focus Film Festival. Toronto, Canada

Fathom is pleased to announce their documentary THE NEW BLACK GOLD, won Planet in Focus Film Festival’s Green Pitch Award. Six selected filmmakers pitched their documentaries to a panel of industry judges, and the prize was awarded to director Hannah Donegan. Valued at $30,000 in services & cash, The Green Pitch Award will go towards the production of The New Black Gold.

It is a film that asks you to reconsider the impact of our shit, we are not separate from the world around us.”  – Hannah Donegan, Director

Global problem or global solution? 

THE NEW BLACK GOLD follows four industry leaders across the globe as they transform human sewage into sustainable and profitable resources. From biosolid fuels to poop-to-power grid systems, to clean drinking water, global companies are cashing in on the new black gold. The documentary is a Fathom Film Group production in development with documentary channel,ATRE/ZDF, and NRK.


Fathom has officially opened up its distribution arm, taking projects to theatres, broadcast, and VOD. Fathom Distribution has most recently secured pre-sales of The New Black Gold, The Superfood Chain, and other projects with the documentary ChannelTVO, and Canal D in Canada, as well as ARTE/ZDFin Germany, NRK in Norway, and Kan in Israel.

As a distributor, Fathom strategizes festival rollout and impact campaigns, and has sold projects to numerous territories around the world including UK, United States, Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel and Middle East, Korea, and China.



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