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MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER – The Journey Begins May 12, 2015

Fathom Film Group will be embarking on a doc-filming journey with two war vets from the Iran-Iraq war. MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER follows the story of Zahed and Najah, former enemies who saved one another and became blood brothers. Now living in Vancouver, they plan to return to their home countries to search for missing loved ones. We will follow them on their journey and open out the documentary filmmaking process to viewers.

Viewers are invited to participate in the search for Zahed and Najah’s missing loved ones in an experimental live web series. Follow their trek and stay in contact with the filmmaking team as the missing persons search unfolds. The journey begins May 12, 2015 at

Zahed and Najah’s incredible back story is also featured on IDEAS, on CBC Radio One at


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