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THE TERRORIST HUNTER Wins Best Documentary

Fathom is thrilled to announce that The Terrorist Hunter has won Best Documentary at The Snake Alley Festival of Film.

The Terrorist Hunter follows the work of controversial spy Rita Katz in the context of the multi-billion dollar counterterrorism industry, exposing how fear and terror play out in our society.

“We are very proud to receive this award. As an Iraqi born Israeli-American, Rita is a fascinating, complexintelligence expert. Her story provides a unique lens on issues around terrorism and the counter-terrorism industry,” says Shin.

Other recent awards and nominations for Fathom include a Golden Goblet Nomination at the Shanghai International Film Festival, the Grand Jury Award at the 18th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival and The Spirit of Freedom Award at the Bahamas International Film Festival for the documentary, My Enemy, My Brother. The film and VR experience will be showcased in Toronto at the Toronto Korean Film Festival in July, 2018.

Fathom is an award-winning media company with innovative approaches to cross-platform projects that tell the story across a broad spectrum of media. We have partnered with a range of broadcasters and brands, and our films and series include My Enemy, My Brother, The Defector: Escape from North Korea, Security 911 and Sugar Sisters. Our work is dramatic and thought-provoking with a focus on social issues. Fathom produces transmedia projects from VR experiences to interactive websites, A.I. and other digital applications. Our work has been broadcast, screened, and shared around the world, garnering numerous awards at festivals. Channels we have been featured on include: CBC, TVO, ABC, PBS, HBO, The Documentary Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel, SBS, NHK, ITVS, CTS, among others.

Currently on the slate are: cross-platform documentary and interactive DM projects, The Superfood Chain, Smart Drugs, and The New Black Gold. Documentary and web series in development, Radical Retirees, Hunting in Packs, and The A.I. God.

Media Contacts: Lana Pesch, Producer: (416) 294-9180 Hannah Donegan, Producer: (416) 832-8646 More Information: /


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